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Catégorie : PC
Title : WarFire
Genre : Action, Indie
Developer : D&K Games Studio
Publisher : D&K Games Studio
Release Date : 8 Nov, 2016


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WarFire is an adventure shooting game, you as a player, you will experience a soldier fighting for the glory of the country. In the story, you will play a soldier, in the country is facing the evil forces of the comprehensive destruction of the time, to destroy them, and in which the sense of honor as a soldier.

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Plateforme : PC
Langue : Anglais (Multilanguage A Confirmer ?)
Région : FREE
Découpé avec : Winrar
Nombre de fichiers : 1 Fichiers
Taille totale : 12.1 GB
Nom de la release : WarFire-HI2U

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